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Voici notre équipe au complet (manque bendtner)

[img align=c][/img]
Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 


Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 


Je trouve ça un peu ridicule au foot de jouer avec un numéro 52 ( même s'il ne jouera pas beaucoup )


Les profils d'arseblog :lol:
Enjoy! (désolé pas de traduction, beaucoup trop de référence et d'expressions intraduisibles)


Nickname: Szczizzle Kicks

Pros: A keeper in the Jens Lehmann mould, he's fearless, passionate and all kinds of bat-shit crazy. A fine shot stopper and an even better piano player.

Cons: Needs to improve his concentration. Has a dad that keeps keying Arsene's Mercedes.

Little known fact: Recently became involved in an online row with pop starlet Justine Bieber which saw her army of fans flood him with death threats.

Nickname: Hans Goalman

Pros: Looked like the real deal when called upon at the tail end of wast season, visibly more confident and vocal.

Cons: His sad eyes suggest he sometimes spends entire nights watching YouTube replays of his performance against Porto a few years back. Some parts of his body are glued together with Pritt-Stick.

Little known fact: His father invented the Hula-Hoop. You know, for kids.

Nickname: Italiano Almuniano

Pros: He already speaks a bit of English and once kept a clean sheet for Italy against the Faroe Islands.

Cons: Yet to score a goal during his career, possibly too many vowels in his name. Uncanny facial resemblance to you know who ...

Little known fact: Can fit 3 full sized lemons, or 2 limes and a small pomegranate, in his mouth at the one time.

Nickname: The Total Eclipse

Pros: 100% Gooner, will run through walls for the shirt, decent cross, improving defensively.

Cons: Still a bit raw, sounding more and more like David Beckham when he talks.

Little known fact: No matter how many times it is explained to him, he cannot grasp the concept of 'foam'.

Nickname: Bah-kar-ee Sag-nar

Pros: Experienced, consistent, high quality right back who can also do a job at centre-half.

Cons: In the final year of his contract, sort it out Arsenal!

Little known fact: Once stopped a bank robbery by standing in front of the armed thieves and saying 'Non', just once. They gave themselves up.

Nickname: Der Ent

Pros: Unflappable centre-half, great on the ball, positioning and reading of the game unrivaled. Funny guy too.

Cons: Not likely to win a sprint against Usain Bolt. Or Usain Murphy, the one-legged sheep farmer from Ballyhaunis, but still.

Little known fact: Until he was 14 he was a below average sized child, but put on a huge growth spurt after adding more kale to his diet.

Nickname: Le Bart Jeune

Pros: Quick, aggressive defender who gets a few goals. Has formed a fantastic partnership with Der Ent.

Cons: Picks up a few too many red cards, appears to have quite a crackable skull.

Little known fact: Had ambitions to become an actor and, as a teenager, starred as a chain smoking hoodlum in a Canal+ drama entitled 'Les Cousins Dangereux'.

Nickname: The Shafted Walloon

Pros: Hammer of a left foot, fast, aggressive. The cold dead eyes of a contract killer.

Cons: Somewhat injury prone and, when fit, not that convincing at the whole defending thing.

Little known fact: Once punched a bear straight in the face for wandering into a campsite and scaring his mother.

Nickname: No BeeGee

Pros: Developing into a very solid left-back who can get forward, provide attacking threat and score goals.

Cons: His injury record hangs over him still but it has been much better of late.

Little known fact: Recently set-up his own hip-hop/farmer jazz record label which he's called 'Beet beats'

Nickname: El Agacharito

Pros: Experienced defender, more adapted now to English football

Cons: Language was an issue last season, let's hope he's been reading some Jeffrey Archer books during the summer to improve.

Little known fact: Due to an ancient familial custom, is officially at war with Burkina Faso.

Nickname: The Mop

Pros: The Premier League's most reliable passer last season, the Spaniard is as metronomic as he is disciplined. Not bad from the penalty spot.

Cons: Could it be that his hair is too thick and lustrous?

Little known fact: While at Everton Tim Cahill's mum had to pay Mikel to be friends with her son.

Nickname: The Crispy Pancake

Pros: Improved beyond recognition in the last year, he's tenacious in the tackle, loves a dribble and has an engine bigger than a Hummer.

Cons: Sometimes tries to do too much when a simple pass will suffice. His shooting could also do with improving.

Little known fact: What people think are tattoos on his leg are actually unfortunate scar tissue growth following his leg break. If viewed under a microscope they look like hundreds of little Shawcrosses being eaten by thousands of tiny rodent Coldplay fans.

Nickname: Exclamation Mark!

Pros: The best homegrown player to come out of the Arsenal Academy since Liam Brady, he's tenacious, driven, tidy on the ball and has the vision of a cat wearing night vision goggles.

Cons: Still trying to find his best form following a two year battle trying to overcome a niggly ankle injury. Has guts, just bad ones when it's the North London derby.

Little known fact: Was 17 years of age before he realised that cat eating alien ALF was not real.

Nickname: Tom Strum

Pros: Dynamic and direct on the ball he's capable of picking up the pace of a game in the blink of an eye.

Cons: Despite his football age being 21, he's getting on a bit and in the twilight of his career.

Little known fact: Was actually elected Prime Minister of the Czech Republic during his two years on the sidelines pushing through some much-admired health care reforms.

Nickname: Alexander Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain (to his mates)

Pros: Young, gifted and capable of scoring stunning volleys in the Maracanã. Has a huge future ahead of him.

Cons: Needs to find some consistency after catching a bout of second season syndrome last term.

Little known fact: Refuses to use pencils in solidarity with the people who are forced to work in lead mines.

Nickname: Nemö

Pros: On paper he's the most complete footballer Arsene Wenger has ever signed. An assist master with an eye for goal, he's won titles, played at the highest level and is now, quite miraculously, a Gooner.

Cons: Cost a bit...enough in fact to have Arsene develop an addiction to sleeping pills.

Little known fact: Well loved by Jose Mourinho, Arsenal's newest signing often did Karaoke with the Portuguese in Madrid bars. Their favoured anthem: Hue and Cry's 'Labour of Love'.

Nickname: Dr Screech

Pros: Hates Samir Na$ri as much as he loves Arsenal.

Cons: A pair of dodgy knees and needs to grow up and realise that a catchphrase does not a footballer make.

Little known fact: Once went an entire day without shrieking like a window-licking banshee.

Nickname: The nosey mole

Pros: Looks like a respectable chap, but once he crosses the white line he's like a Duracell Bunny on coke. The best all-action, loud-mouthed, finger-pointing, tackler we've had since err ...well him.

Cons: Left a sour taste in the mouth when he ran down his contract in 2008 and moved on a free.

Little known fact: He, Philippe Senderos and Ronaldinho waited tables at Silvio Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga parties for six whole months during his spell in Milan.

Nickname: Bob Balsa

Pros: Tall, powerful, great awareness, terrific dribbler and the closest Arsenal have come to replacing Patrick Vieira's qualities.

Cons: Grew up breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, spilling salt shakers, opening umbrellas indoors and inviting black cats to walk across his path.

Little known fact: He is both a devout muslim and a devotee of muslin, the world's favourite loosely woven cotton fabric.

Nickname: Mighty Mouse

Pros: The Harry Houdini of Arsenal's tricky midfield, he has the ability to wriggle out of danger, the vision to spray raking passes to teammates and an eye for goal which is deadly in and around the box.

Cons: Genuinely can't think of anything. Even being short works for him.

Little known fact: His favourite meal is the Andalusian delicacy of otter cutlets rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried in oil cultivated from the rump of angry badgers.

Nickname: Zelalembryo

Pros: The little Prince of through-balls, the 'Egypgermerican' teenager not only has amazing technical quality but a calming presence which belies his tender years.

Cons: Eats only Rusks, needs a nap in the afternoon and might miss European trips because he's got to get his homework finished. Bit skinny.

Little known fact: Impressed scout Danny Karbassiyoon with his footballing skills but also by the fact he can complete a Rubik's cube blindfolded in less than 60 seconds.

Nickname: The LOL KAISER

Pros: A left foot that could smash a ball up Superman's arse, great delivery and quality finishing. Hilarious japester. Loves it at the Arsenal.

Cons: Fitness has been an issue since he joined, could do with being more fit.

Little known fact: There is literally nothing he cannot find amusing. Even the most heinous crimes leave him giggling like a schoolgirl. He is undergoing therapy for this terrible, yet hilarious, affliction.

Nickname: The Timid Whippet

Pros: Fast as lightning, finishing, control and movement improving regularly. Does scare defences.

Cons: Seems to live in his own special world at times, on and off the pitch. Set-pieces need big improvement.

Little known fact: Auditioned for, and won, a part on Game of Thrones but was let go before shooting for insisting his character's name be changed to Theodore Montreal Lannister.

Nickname: The False Depardieu

Pros: A strong, handsome striker who looks like he'll kick on in his 2nd Premier League season. Finishing has improved. Is handsome.

Cons: Still needs to improve chance completion ratio. Has little back up so the pressure to perform is high.

Little known fact: Once made love to identical twins at the exact same time, even though one of them was in another room.

Nickname: Haulin' Oats

Pros: Tall, young, seems quite nimble, name is good for rhyming and stuff.

Cons: Hugely inexperienced, looks lightweight and miles away from being ready for first team football. Get him on the creatine pies at once!

Little known fact: He is a keen American civil war enthusiast and often cites Senator. John J. Crittenden, author of the Crittenden Compromise bill of 1860, as his hero.

Nickname: Porcelain Boy

Pros: Very fast indeed, has lustrous hair, easy switch from Theo's chant to his, has the most remarkably smooth skin.

Cons: As raw as steak tartare, will he get enough playing time to improve?

Little known fact: Is a major proponent of string theory but after a dressing room discussion which saw Frimpong bang his head repeatedly off a wall in frustration and bewilderment, Arsene Wenger has banned all talk of particle physics.

Nickname: Gainsbourg

Pros: A Teutonic Walcott/Ox hybrid he's young, tricky on the ball and loves a pot shot from distance..

Cons: Lacks first team experience. Needs more end product and less fancy step-overs.

Little known fact: Serge has the neatest handwriting in the Arsenal squad and often pens autographs for fans with a calligraphy quill which he carries in a specially designed bum-bag.

Nickname: Drunky pantsdown poopy head ninny face

Pros: The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived.

Cons: In opposite world.

Little known fact: If you were to take his intestines, untangle them and stretch them out lengthways ... he'd be dead.

Nickname: Who?

Pros: Appears to have four fully functional limbs and no communicable diseases

Cons: Not especially good at the whole football thing, which is something of a drawback.

Little known fact: After his single goal for Arsenal, in a Carling Cup clash, he was named public enemy number 1 by North Korea who took his airplane celebration as a declaration of military intent.




Profiles selon @ArsenalGent


[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 1
Name: Sir Albert SESLEY
Position: Glove Butler
Nickname: 'The Cold Catcher'
Origin: Norfolk, England
Special Move: 'The Bunny's Nose' - As this is what one's fundament behaves like when you see him galloping toward the edge of his box to tackle an onrushing defender

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 3
Name: Bertram SAILOR
Position: Starboard corporal
Nickname: Bertie
Origin: Gloucester, England
Special Move: 'The Gloucester Gallop' - A fine sight as he belts his way up the pitch

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 4
Name: Lord Peregrine MEATLOCKER
Position: Starboard Sentinel
Nickname: Meat
Origin: Upminster, London, England
Special Move: 'The Clunge', a casual standing tackle employed to easily rid Tottenham's expensive forwards of the ball during the North London Derby.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 5
Position: Portside Sentinel
Nickname: 'My Lord'
Origin: Holloway, London, England
Special Move: 'The Mind Meld' - A terrifying piece of mind control, often directed at opponents from the bench, which allows him to enter the mind of opponents

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 6
Name: Laurence COSTERLEY
Position: Utility Sentinel
Nickname: 'Dear Larry'
Origin: London, England
Special Move: 'The Costermonger', a glorious, precision slider that often results in getting shown the mustard.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 7
Name: Thomas ROBINSON
Position: Forward battery commander
Nickname: 'The Cad'
Origin: England
Special Move: 'The Plimsoll Turn' - A delicate twist which resembles a nimble schoolboy rotating on a specially dusted gymnasium floor

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 8
Name: Michael ARKWRIGHT
Position: Ordnance Wizard
Nickname: 'The Knife'
Origin: London, England
Special Move: 'Bess', an 80 yard  pass to feet

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 9
Name: Lucien PONSONBY
Position: Battery Sergeant
Nickname: 'The Demented Bishop'
Origin: Bristol, England
Special Move: 'The Bristol Express', a 35 yard screamer

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 10
Name: Jacques WILSHÈRE
Position: Distributional Wing-Commander
Nickname: Le Rosbif
Origin: Paris, France
Special Move: 'The Arc de Triomphe' - A looping, elegant overhead 50 yard pass

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 11
Name: Melvin ORWELL
Position: Ten of Tens (So good at Number 10 they turned him up to 11)
Nickname: The Wandsworth Wizard - AKA 'The Hydra'
Origin: Putney, London, England
Special Move: The Mesmertron', a hypnotic through ball

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 12
Name: Brigadier Oliver GORING-HILDRED
Position: Human Prong
Nickname: 'The Ram'
Origin: Cambridge, England
Special Move: 'Achilles' Torment', a flick of the heel that baffles expensive goalkeepers from Middlesex.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 13
Name: Vivian LANE
Position: Number 3 Glove Butler
Nickname: 'The Colney Cad'
Origin: London Colney, Hertfordshire
Special Move: 'The Hat Raise' - used when he espies a particularly attractive lady in the crowd whilst sitting in the family pew.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 14
Name: Theodore WALCOUÉ
Position: Starboard Puppy
Nickname: Fenton
Origin: London, England
Special Move: 'The Alley Baffler' - A mazy run that does not often end with anything more productive than his hands on his hips.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 15
Position: Midfield Swiss Army Knife
Nickname: The Tin Opener
Origin:  London, England
Special Move: 'The Piccadilly Doubleback' - A graceful, tricksy turn that employs the use of both feet, his left knee, his right buttock, a large gin and tonic and an eight pound magnet.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 16
Name: Abdoulaye RAMSARA
Position: Advanced Probe
Nickname: 'The Senegal Sir'
Origin: Dakar, Senegal
Special Move: 'The Launch' - A pass that now thankfully after some years actually reaches its intended recipient.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 17
Position: Portside Sentinel
Nickname: 'Devon's Delight'
Origin: Torquay, England
Special Move: 'The Torquay Tumbler' - A precise tackle, whilst not exactly from behind, certainly from a south-by-south-westerly direction.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 19
Name: St John COUSINS
Position: Final 3rd Octopus
Nickname: Hand Feet
Origin: Finsbury Park, London, England.
Special Move: 'The How Do You Do' - An inexplicable optical illusion in which he seems to split into three separate beings who all play a decisive ball at the same time, making defenders weep with bafflement.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 20
Name: Michael FLAME
Position: Multifarious Defensive Destructor
Nickname: 'The Enforcer'
Origin: Berkshire, England
Special Move: 'The Tibia Troubler' - An hilarious and robust tackle which induces in its recipient an immediate and pressing concern for the integrity of their lower limbs.
Catchphrase: "Don't touch my parrot" - originated when playing abroad. He has a parrot called Peter which he takes everywhere with him, including onto the pitch. Do not ever touch his parrot.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 21
Position: Glove Butler
Nickname: Nettle Nerves
Origin: Yorkshire, England.
Special Move: 'The Pinball Punch' - Because who knows where it'll end up, and is often followed by the percussive noises of our defence as they clatter into each other whilst attempting to clear the ball.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 20
Name: Joseph SANGLEY
Position: Designated Striver
Nickname: The Bromley Beanpole
Origin: Kent, England.
Special Move: 'The Plate Spin' - Nobody knows what this is or when it'll happen, but he insists it works

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 23
Name: Nicholas BLACKWATER
Position: Stroker
Nickname: 'The Camden Cockroach'
Origin: Camden, London, England
Special Move: 'The Cashpoint Cackle'


[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 24
Name: Vincent Abraham 'Abe' DOLBY
Position: Middle Field
Nickname: 'The English Patient'
Origin: London Dickensian Hospital for Sickly and Wan Children
Special Move: Frying an egg  on his head due to his incessant high temperature

[img align=g][/img]Squad Number: 25
Name: Carlos JUAREZ
Position: Starboard Frightener
Nickname: 'El Cabo Primero'
Origin: Mexico (Tijuana)
Special Move: 'The Nervous Glanceback'

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 26
Name: Maurice FRAMPTON
Position: General Berserker
Nickname: 'Betty'
Origin: England (Penzance)
Special Move: The Tenpin Charge

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 28
Name: Kouranne Gibbois
Position: Portside Dandy
Nickname: Le Jazz Maraudeur
Origin: France (Paris)
Special Move: Running up the wing whilst playing the solo from John Coltrane's track 'Jupiter' from the Interstellar Space Long Player.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 31
Position: Apparent Striker
Nickname: Mr Punctual
Origin: Luton, England
Special Move: The 'Always on time', which means he's always on time.

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 37
Name: Charles 'Chubby' ATKINS
Position: Odd 9
Nickname: 'Deadly Jelly'
Origin: Sutton-on-the-Forest, Yorkshire
Special Move: 'The Smother'

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 44
Name: Stephen Knabbley
Position: Wing Nuisance
Nickname: 'The Tufnell Park Terrier'
Origin: Tufnell Park
Special Move: 'Mrs. Roberts Washing Basket' - a delicate switchback turn

[img align=G][/img]Squad Number: 58
Name: Gordon Sanderson
Position: Middle Field
Nickname: 'The Mystic'
Origin: The Foothills of the Himalayas
Special Move: 'The Ping Pong Parp', a rapid, percussive move where he passes to himself: 'Ping' is the first pass, 'Pong' is the second pass and 'Parp' is the noise the defender's bottom makes as he sees Mr. Sanderson running off with the ball.

[img align=G][/img]Name: Heisenbould
Position: "You don't need to know."
Nickname: 'The Mystery man'
Origin: New Mexico
Special Move: 'The Wheelchair Bomb'

[img align=G][/img]Name: Alan Windsor
Position: Grand Wizard
Nickname: "Mr. Windsor to you."
Origin: Berkshire, England
Special Move: Attracting the world's best attacking midfielder, Melvin Orwell, to The Arsenal. And many more.




Ozil ressemble à Ramzy. :lol:



Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 

The Iceman

Non mais là Arteta c'est mythique !!! :lmao::lmao::lmao:


Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 

we are the Arsenal !

Moi j'attends avec impatience le retour de santi et d'Arteta !! En espérant que les autres ne se blessent pas également.


Come on Gunners !!!


[img align=G][/img]

Giroud, Bendtner, Sanogo et Park qui a dit que l'on avait pas de strikers?


On a même fait venir Park pour aller sur la photo :lol:



Arteta sur le banc ? Wenger l'aime beaucoup trop pour ça je pense. Mais on ne change pas une équipe qui gagne j'imagine ...
Problème de riche :D De toute façon je compte bien sur Rosicky pour repartir dans une série de blessures dont il a le secret ou Wilshere pour se blesser, c'est pas drôle sinon.


[large]Arsenal renoue avec sa tradition[/large]

Les Gunners ont choisit la marque française Lanvin comme tailleur officiel de l'équipe. Les Gunners sont à nouveau habillé d'un costume : bleu marine avec logo incrusté couleur or, cravate rouge, chemise blanche, cardigan quand le temps le demande. Une partenariat qui durera au moins 2 ans, et donc les joueurs viendront maintenant en match à domicile (Premier League ou Champion's League) habillé de ce costume.


Même pour le tailleur Arsène recrute en France :roll: :P


Seulement pour les matchs Home ?
Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 


Oui, pour les ladies c'est des tailleurs :P


Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 


Citation de: DiosBergkampMême pour le tailleur Arsène recrute en France :roll: :P
en meme tps c'est soit francais ou italien pour etre stylé!!


PAs forcément, t'as une marque anglaise. TM Lewin, qui fait les costard de tottenham, et leurs fringues sont juste super classe également.
When you love something, you love the whole thing, just as it is, and not as you would like it to be.


Je croyais que c'était fait par un tailleur local ? En faite non, rumeur bidon alors ^^


C'est moi qui avait dit ça, mea culpa ^^
En fait il y a un tailleur à Islington qui faisait les costards à l'époque, et je pensais qu'ils avaient repris le même. Finalement non (en même temps on a su qu'hier le nom du tailleur).


Only One Arsenal ! ! ! 


merci @dorkkly pour ses infograph :)